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Roland Rosenfeld,, 2:2450/42 translated into the english by Oliver Much,, 2:2453/690.12

v1.9, 1996/10/22

This is a Fido-point HOWTO document, which attemps to descride a basic installation of ifcico as the mailer and FidoGate as the gateway software under Linux.

1. Where to get the latest version of this HOWTO

2. Programs you will need

3. Further documentation

4. My example configuration

5. Permissions

6. Installation of FidoGate

7. The installation of ifcico

8. Nodelist-compiler

9. Poll-script and Unpacking

10. The configuration of smail

11. Configuration of Sendmail V8

12. cnews-configuration

13. INN-configuration

14. News/Echomail reading and writing

15. Mail/Netmail reading and writing

16. Requesting files

17. Troubleshooting

18. Credits

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