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14. News/Echomail reading and writing

I myself prefer tin as the newsreader. As tin, like all other newsreaders wasn't constructed for Fido, there's no standard-method to address echomail to someone, which is possible and usual in Fido. FidoGate allows this this via a additional headerline X-Comment-To: You can create it manually but do not forget the username in brackets. You also may use a complete Internet-adress including a realname.


X-Comment-To: (Roland Rosenfeld)
X-Comment-To: (Roland Rosenfeld)

In the directory fidogate/contrib/news you find patches for tin, xrn and nn, which generate this line automatically, if you answer to an article via echomail. If you don't want to patch tin, you can insert the following line in ~/.tin/tinrc:

news_quote_format=X-Comment-To: (%N)\n\n%F wrote in msg %M:
but then don't forget to delete the emptyline before the X-Comment-To: in every follow-up.

If you already use one of the beta-versions of tin (from tin-1.3beta-950824) you can the following in ~/.tin/attributes:




by this you'll find in the Fido- and Gernet-echos a X-Comment-To:-Header without patching tin.

As an alternative you can configure the newsreader since FidoGate 3.9.5 so that one of the following lines stands in the message. The realname will then retrieved from this:

user@do.main (User Name) writes:
User Name <user@do.main> writes:
user@do.main (User Name) wrote:
User Name <user@do.main> wrote:
user@do.main wrote:
In article <id@do.main> user@do.main writes:
In article <id@do.main>, user@do.main writes:

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