Spam with sender address

You may have seen unsolicited commercial e-mail which was sent out with address in the header From: and envelope FROM line. I (Roland Rosenfeld, the owner of this e-mail address) do not have to do anything with this mails. Please have a look at the IP addresses, from where the mails are injected and you'll see, that the mails were injected all over the world, but not from me (located in Germany).

I have no idea, why my address was hijacked for this (someone seems to hate me), but it means, that I receive an average of 40 bounce message (of non existing addresses, auto responder, etc.) per minute, which is a denial of service attack against my mail address and the mail server of the domain

I do not plan to change my mail address or my domain name only because of this censored, so I modified the configuration of the mail server of I personally use a different envelope sender (used for bounces) in the mails I sent out myself now. This means, that every bounce message, which is sent to, must be a response to the spam. So the mail server of blocks every message with the following envelope:


Sorry for inconvenience, but this is the only way to keep my mail address usable. If you see any problems with this setup, please let me know.